Sponsored Brands new-to-brand Metrics

Sponsored Brands new-to-brand Metrics

Identifying a customer who has purchased a product from your business is a key metric in improving sales. Many Amazon sellers over the years have been faced with the challenge of knowing how many new customers they are attracting within a particular period.

Sponsored Brands new-to-brand metrics provides a solution to this long-standing headache.

What are the new-to-brand metrics?

Sponsored Brands new-to-brand metrics make it possible for sellers to measure orders and sales of their products generated from first-time customers of their brands on Amazon. With new-to-brand metrics, sellers are better equipped to measure and optimize in-flight campaigns, as well as plan future marketing strategies, to improve customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

A new-to-brand order is determined by reviewing the last 12 months of a customer’s purchase history. If a customer has not purchased from your company’s brand within a 12 month lookback window, the order is considered new-to-brand. Listed in the table below are the 7 new-to-brand metrics available on Sponsored Brand campaigns.

Metric Description
New-to-brand orders The number of purchases made by first-time customers for the first time in a 12 month period of a brand product.
New-to-brand sales The total sales (in local currency) that are generated from new-to-brand orders.
s% of orders new-to-brand The percentage of total orders made by new-to-brand customers.
% of sales new-to-brand The percentage of total sales (in local currency) that are generated from new-to-brand sales.
New-to-brand units The number of unit products ordered for the first-time within the brand in a 12 month lookback window.
% of units new-to-brand The percentage of total unit of products ordered by new-to-brand customers.
New-to-brand order rate The number of new-to-brand orders relative to the number of clicks (New-to-brand order rate = New-to-brand orders / clicks) in a 12 month lookback window.

How should I use the new-to-brand metrics?

New-to-brand metrics enable you to improve on your Sponsored Brands Campaign to target new customers for your brands. A new order is a very important step in establishing a long term brand relationship with a customer.

Amazon Sponsored Ad Dashboard showing total orders against NTB orders

While there are many ways to use new-to-brand metrics, you can start learning how to improve on your customer acquisition plan by identifying or creating a Sponsored Brand campaign focused on customer acquisition. When the campaign attains at least 14 days of data, review the campaign’s new-to-brand keyword metrics and filter your keywords by acceptable RoAS or ACoS values. For this set of keywords, identify those with the highest percentage of orders new-to-brand. These keywords are to target candidates for driving new-to-brand orders.

It is imperative that you review the new-to-brand units and sales metrics as these may identify keywords that generate new-to-brand orders with higher price points and basket sizes. Make sure to continuously monitor the campaign’s new-to-brand performance from time to time using the performance dashboard and make changes where appropriate.


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